The next MCD Ball 22 June 2019

For many years, the Melbourne Colonial Dancers have hosted a series of formal balls, usually on a Saturday night at the end of June (the Winter Ball) and again in November (the Spring or Summer Ball).

You can pay for these balls either at the door or beforehand through online transfer to our bank account payment or it can also be made by cheque to our PO Box and pick up tickets later or at the door:
Bank Account Payment Details:

Melbourne Colonial Dancers Inc; BSB 033-380, A/C# 404824
Reference: your first initial, surname, ball reference (e.g. WIN for June Winter Ball, SPR for November Spring [or summer]) (18 character limit)

Cheque and PO box details:

Melbourne Colonial Dancers Inc.
PO Box 194

The balls usually run from 8pm until after midnight, and are catered for by our own members.

From this page, by following the link from each image, you can go to a report and a presentation of photos from most of the recent balls, listed in reverse chronological order.

In recent years the balls have been specially themed, and this has proved very successful.

Not only are the dancers encouraged to dress up in a consistent style (well, sort-of !!) according to the theme, there is also the opportunity to be part of an enthusiastic team that works on the decorations. The dance program, and sometimes even the food, are all designed to reflect the theme.

And there is sometimes also an entertainment - maybe a story in dance - inspired by the theme of the night.

Although the themes for the Winter Ball have been drawn from many sources, the ball in November is usually used to commemorate something specifically from Australia's past.

One of the pages accessed from here is not, strictly speaking, about an event that is part of the regular semiannual series. But it is the first time the YouTube facility has been used to enhance this great record. That additional event is the 2011 National Folk Festival.

YouTube and Facebook have recently been used to document several MCD Balls.

I hope that this can be continued whenever suitable footage is available. But don't forget those still photos and other memorabilia.

(If photos and other material for any balls could be found, it should be possible to add more pages and material as time permits. Also, a listing of the dances on each Ball's program would be of enduring interest, if someone could provide them.)

June 2019

Ball Flyer
Dance List
Dance Descriptions

Nov 2018

Dance List
Ball Flyer
Dance Descriptions

June 2018
November 2017

June 2017

Dance List
Dance Descriptions
Ball Flyer
Workshop Details

Nov 2016

printable brochure here

June 2015


November 2015

25 June 2016

April 2015

MCD Dance Page for National Folk Festival

15 November 2014

40th Birthday Celebration and November Ball

MCD Birthday Party at Live Music Night June 2014

28 June 2014

The Three Musketeers

November 2012
Spring Into Summer

June 2013

Wild West

November 2013

Spring Ball

June 2012

June 2011

19th Century Circus Big Top

April 2011

Masked Heritage Ball
(at National Folk Festival)

June 2010
LakeLady-crop-th.jpg (4800 bytes)

June 2009
GemClaireJohn2009-th.JPG (9179 bytes)
The Raj, Rubies and Arabian Nights

June 2007

Romantic Gothic

July 2008
AllAgesPirateBall-crop-th.jpg (6810 bytes)

November 2008
Band2SummerBall2008-crop-th.jpg (6810 bytes)

Unthemed Summer Ball

November 2006
aBallNov2006-Walldeco-crop-th.jpg (5077 bytes)
The Story of the Kelly Gang

June 2006
celticHarp-th.jpg (3963 bytes)

June 2005

Venetian Carnivale

[No program or pix available: give me something and I will create a page - JC]

November 2004

Eureka Stockade

[No program or pix available: give me something and I will create a page - JC]

June 2004

Roaring 20s / House of Eliott

[No program or pix available except this YouTube clip: give me more and I will create a page - JC]



Was there any earlier "themed ball" to record here?

Let's make this "snake" as long as possible.

June 2002

Winter Solstice

[No program or pix available: give me something and I will create a page - JC]

June 2003

Moulin Rouge

[No program or pix available except this YouTube clip: give me more and I will create a page - JC]


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