The Melbourne Colonial Dancers' Spring Ball for 2012 was held at Preston Town Hall at 8pm on Saturday 17 November.

The theme was  "Spring Into Summer".

Early Bird tickets were priced at $23 for members and $25 for non-members; tickets were also available at the door for $28 (member and non-member).

Enquiries to Melanie on 0468-952-915 or (03) 9349-2417.

View the flyer and program from the link above.

Feel free to download and print it for distribution.

Preston Town Hall - Gower St Preston



The program:

Parma Waltz/King’s Waltz
Blackwattle Reel
Bullockies Ball
Grand March into Lancers
Swing Waltz
Circassian Circle Part 5
Arkansas Traveller
Progressive Barn Dance
Reel of the 51st Division ****
Pride of Erin
CHOGM Pentrille
Sybil’s Roundabout
Love ‘em & Leave ‘em****
Margaret’s Waltz
Colonial’s Quadrille
Posties Jig
Gumnuts Quadrille
Circle Waltz
**** uncalled (for those who know the dance well)


Look at this

YouTube clip

to remember what a great night it was!


Created 4 October 2012 : Last updated 05 March 2013.