These photos show the near capacity crowd of people at the ball with a Romantic Gothic theme at Preston Town Hall on 24 June 2007.

If you scroll down past a few dancing photos, some of those who attended face the camera and finally some decorations are  included.

If you would like to learn the dances so that you can join in our next ball then follow the link in the sidebar to Dance Classes.

As well as all the superb photos below, also check out this video clip on YouTube - and be afraid, be very afraid!

It's a Romantic Gothic theme so the lights are dimmed.
The photo shows just the "tip of the iceberg" as the circling goes all the way down the hall.

Some were very romantic.


While others went for the Dracula(r)!!

Whoever said "Two's company, three's a crowd"!?

A couple do the Berlin Polka.

Most of the dances are set dances.
Here the dancers organise themselves into "square sets"
then wait briefly for the dance to begin.

A young couple prepare to do the Princess Polka.

There is a large range of dance styles and
age groups at every ball.

Christine and Judy welcome the dancers as they arrive.

The candle-lit supper is always great.


Harvest Moon Band: Jim, Maggie, Cameron and Greg.
(Julia is on stage but off-camera)

Peter co-ordinated another very successful ball.


David and Leown.

Jem and Lisa.

Simon, Chris, Chris, Matt and Dwight.

Emily and Kirste.

Malgorzata and Michael.

Gary and Roz, Harry and Judy, Marie and Peter.

Louise, Liz, Rebecca and Naomi.

Rod and Janette.

Robin and Phillipa.

Cecily and Melanie.

Heather and Brett.

Di and Matt.

Carleen, Wendy and Michael.



Richard, Denise and Cameron.

Jill and Bruce.

Joanne and friends.

Marilyn and Alan.

Brian and Alison.


Fred and Sue.

Margaret and Ian.

John and Helen.

Leanne and Bert.


Denny and Brian.

Gerard and Eva.

Marion and John.

Jill, Jane, Steven and Stuart.



The final photos are of some
of the decorations and our helpers.

The photo below of the preparation
of the candle-lit supper
also shows the wall decorations.

Below are some "close-ups".

Lyn, Heather, John, Joan and John.


The evening ended with Peter (behind the microphone, upper left of photo) thanking the main helpers, who he had called up to stand in front of the stage. He said that this was the last Ball that he would be co-ordinating, but that Melanie, far right, would be taking over. Doesn't she look keen?


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