On 23 June 2012 we marked the centenary of the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic with a maiden voyage of our own. This was the first time we had used Fitzroy Town Hall, and the venue was a great success.

After extensive planning and preparation we set sail on our dancing adventure.

Here is a partial record of the passenger list on that memorable voyage.

Every voyage has its paperwork...

... and every themed ball has its entry decorations

Pursers Jo & Christine welcome passengers to the Titanic Ballroom

So does Captain Brett!

Marilyn & Allan  ---  Harry & Sue  ---  Dale, Philippa & Keith  ---  Margaret

Heather & Brett -- Stuart & Khueenie -- Judy & Peter -- Leown & Joanne

Helmut, Barbara & Ros -- Julia & the youngest passenger -- Sandra & Gerard

Ros & Wayne -- Bev & Ken -- Jane -- John & Marta

Ross & Fiona --- Laura & Phillipa --- Leown & David --- Neil

Heather --- Sandra, Susie & Peter --- Mary & Michael --- Simon

Alan --- Svetlana, Robin & Fiona --- Geoff & Jenny

Three Wise Men

Preparing to face the Swells of the Atlantic (Waves of Tory)

This photo shows a (fairly large) part of the dance display team that performed at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 1988
Christine, Keith, Denise, Heather, Declan, Pam, Coral, John, Ray, Jenny, Ross & Heather
(Declan wasn't actually visible during the 1988 display - how old are you now Declan?)

One Family, Two Photos, Three Generations!
Lyn holds Erica, while Heather dances with George

Robin was the MC, Melanie is the Functions Co-ordinator

Coral & Kathy assisted Robin in calling the dances

Elisha & Brett --- The Display Team performs

Band members:
Chris, Jenny, Declan & Ray

It’s nice to have an age mixture at our balls

These photos show the crowd of 118. The atmosphere was absolutely magnificent. Until we hit that wretched iceberg.

Pandemonium prevailed as a giant polar bear appeared

The bear carried away (saved?) a petrified songstress

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