Discover the real fountain of youth. Come Colonial Dancing!

Melbourne Colonial Dancers have been meeting weekly since 1974 to enjoy traditional Australian dance which includes the following styles:

  • Australian Colonial
  • Old Time
  • Contemporary Bush
  • Anglo-Celtic – Scottish, English, Welsh, Irish
  • American (New England) Contra

We not only have fun and stay fit but also help to preserve the cultural heritage of Australian traditional dance and its music.

Our dances are a mixture of set dances and couples dances, which makes them unique among the social dances. Set dances are excellent “mixers” where dancing couples are arranged in lines, squares or circles. And there is nothing quite like couples dances for making friends!

There is a “caller” who announces what to do throughout each dance. There is usually a walk-through, a demonstration, or just a quick explanation beforehand.

You don’t need to bring a partner. Dancers are encouraged to change partners throughout the night.

Interested? Check the rest of our website and if you think you might enjoy this type of dancing we would love you to join us.

Elsewhere you will find an overview of our Program, with links to details of classes, dance and special events that we organise.

We are part of a wider community of social dancers in Australia. You will find similar dance groups in other States and Territories, and they are great people to connect with while travelling. Many dancers from around Australia take the opportunity to meet and dance together during Easter each year at the National Folk Festival in Canberra. You can find some of these through our Links page.

Notices of updates to this website are posted on a Yahoo email group called ‘Melbourne Folkies’. Most updates have information about forthcoming events or photos of recent ones. Anyone can send an email to "Melbourne Folkies" and ask to be included on their mailing list, or just go to their website to find out more.

Indulge your dancing feet – come Colonial dancing!

Melbourne Colonial Dancers Inc.



The Annual General meeting of the Melbourne Colonial Dancers will be held at Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre, 2 Eddy Court Abbotsford, at 8pm on Wednesday 1 November 2017 - Official Notice and membership renewal forms are also available.

Inaugural Dance affair Video!

Last week was the Hawthorn Town Hall display as part of the Inaugural Dance Affair. Here are some videos of the display Melbourne collonials performed as part of the event (sorry about the sideways view:

(For reference there is a flyer for it here.)

Next Ball:

November Summer Ball
Preston Town Hall
Nov 25th 2017
Matthew Robertson & Friends the Band.

Flyer to follow soon with the dance list here and dance descriptions here

Alice in wonderland ball update:

It was a great night and the first YouTube video has now surfaced:

Beginners Classes.

See Here for details


Why not join our MCD meetup group, you will not only get notified of MCD events but also those of other related groups with reminders close to the actual dates - just click  on the red and white meetup logo on the the button bar at the top, register and join the MCD meetup experience.

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