Since 1974, members of the Melbourne Colonial Dancers have been meeting on a Wednesday night.

We meet at Collingwood Senior Citizens' Hall, Eddy Crt, Abbotsford (behind Collingwood Town Hall and Collingwood Police Station:- Melways ref 2CH10).

The dancing is from 8 pm til 10 pm then we have a light supper.

We dress casually, preferably with leather-soled shoes.

The dance year, for us, starts on the 1st Wednesday in February.
It finishes on the 2nd Wednesday in December.

There are are only two Wednesday nights in the year when we do NOT meet:- The Wednesday just before and the Wednesday just after Easter.

Over Easter the National Folk Festival is held in Canberra.

The cost is $5 for members and $6 for non members.

The music is usually supplied by Compact Disc, but once a month we have a Live Music Night. On the live music nights we have nine or ten dances that we have been practicing throughout the previous month. These dances are listed below.

On live music nights, the cost is $6 for members and $7 for non members. The music is provided by the Melbourne Colonial Dance Band.

Live music nights are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month except December (when live music is on the 1st Wednesday and the Christmas Barbeque is on the 2nd)

Your first Wednesday night dance with us is FREE
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As we meet every week that gives us the opportunity to do a range of traditional and folk dances including Australian Old Time and influences from England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe and America. Since 2003 we have been fortunate to have had Ian Kendall to teach us some Welsh dances. More recently Julia Grant has helped with the Scottish dances, and George Ansell has helped with the English ones. That leaves a team lead by Coral Eden to take care of everything else. Matthew King, Coral Eden, Kathy Cox, Pauline Barham, Michael Treacey and Norm Ellis also assist at Ashburton. (More details about the Ashburton classes.)

The planned program for the live music nights, on the second Wednesday of the month at Abbotsford is shown below. It is subject to change, but as these will be the dances that the band practices for, little change is likely! In the month preceding each live music nights, these dances are practiced.

2018 Program:

March 14th

  1. Pride of Erin                        
  2. Round the House & Mind the Dresser
  3. Beaumaris Bay   
  4. Heidenroslein       
  5. The Irish Rover
  6. The New Fitzroy Quadrille        
  7. Peter Ellis Waltz     
  8. Sapphire Sea          
  9. The Sandhurst Diggers
  10. Killarney Waltz   
May 9th

  1. Swing Waltz             
  2. Port Jackson            
  3. Richmond Masonic Lodge Quadrille
  4. Mairiís Wedding                 
  5. Margaretís Waltz   
  6. Red House of Cardiff       
  7. Childgrove               
  8. Chain Double Quadrille      
  9. Trip to Bavaria             
  10. Peter Ellisí Waltz 
June 13th

  1. Boston Two Step         
  2. Russian Tango             
  3. Petronella                    
  4. Chicago Swing             
  5. National Quadrille      
  6. Palais Glide                  
  7. White Dog Rag            
  8. McDís Waltz            
  9. Newcastle                   
  10. Maxina    

To Be Advised
August 8th
  1. Destiny Waltz           
  2. Girls in White Dresses    
  3. The Bonnie Tree
  4. Quite CARR-ied Away    
  5. Tangoette                    
  6. Ramadan-ce   
  7. Of Noble Race was Shenkin  
  8. Cloverleaf Quadrille         
  9. Charmaine
  10. Farewell to the Shore 
Sept 12th Live Music Night

1. Kingís Waltz
2. Broken River Reel
3. Reel of 51st Div
4. Rosemary Waltz
5. New Parliament House Jig
6. Nottingham Swing
7. Duke of Kentís Waltz
8. Cooee March
9. Mairiís Wedding
10. Frangipani Waltz
Extra Three Sea Captains

Oct 10th

  1. Evening Three Step     
  2. Cranky Ingenuity         
  3. Kent Quadrille             
  4. Walpole Cottage         
  5. Levi Jackson Rag      
  6. La Guaracha       
  7. Offaís Dyke          
  8. Monymusk            
  9. Weaverís Jig          
  10. Scottish Waltz
Nov 14th

  1. Palma Waltz       
  2. Salamanca Castanets
  3. Albertís Quadrille  
  4. Progressive Barn Dance
  5. The Laird of Miltonís Daughter
  6. Silver Wattle Waltz
  7. Good Man of Cambridge
  8. La Russe Quadrille   
  9. Powellís Fancy      
  10. Victory Waltz
Dec 5th

  1. Charmaine                        
  2. Sybilís Roundabout        
  3. Queen of Sheba            
  4. Waltz Cotillion                 
  5. Lord Caernavonís Jig 
  6. Llanthony Abby    
  7. Lucianís Waltz      
  8. Darylís Double Posties  
  9. Well Hall
  10. Swing Waltz    

To help with the dances we are making an effort to provide the instructions for them.

Cover of the book Merry Country Dance by Peter Ellis

Some Dances can all be found in the book "Merry Country Dance" that has been written by Peter Ellis.  Some dances for each month on our proposed program are included in this book. There are instructions for over 170 dances in this book. When Colonial Balls, Woolshed Balls or Tea Dances are being organised then at least 75% of the dances on those programs (and sometimes over 90%) are in this book.

"Merry Country Dance"  is sold through the Bush Dance and Music Club of Bendigo. You can purchase it from the Secretary of BDMCB (Mary Smith) 03 54421153. E-Mail Mary by clicking here. The cost is $35 plus 8.60 postage (which will allow you have three books sent).

The instructions for any Welsh dances can be obtained by clicking here.

The instructions for the Dorothea Waltz can be obtained by clicking here.


Created 5 June 2012 : Last updated 16 February 2013.